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Window Installation Oakland

Article provided by: Winning Windows

Do you need a window installation in Oakland? Winning Windows Inc. has a large selection of windows from which you can choose.

How Do I Know It Is Time To Replace My Windows?

If you are considering a new window installation in Oakland, you want to find out if your old windows can be improved and repaired. Window replacement can be expensive, and it is always best to be able to make an informed decision.

  • Are your windows damaged, broken, or warped? You can sometimes repair a window, but if your window frame or sash is damaged, it is best to replace it.
  • You need to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Drafty windows can make your heating and cooling bills 10% to 25% higher.
  • Does your home need a facelift? If your windows look worn and shabby, they are distracting from your homes curb appeal. You might even want to consider installing larger windows to allow more daylight into your home.
  • Did your home go through a major storm, hurricane, tornado, or other severe weather? Your windows can become damaged from severe weather. If you live on the coast, your windows have to deal with the salty sea air, humidity, and high coastal winds. These conditions can quickly cause corrosion.

How Do I Choose The Right Replacement Windows For My Home?

  • You will first need to choose what type of window you want. There are several styles and options. Double-hung windows open and close with two operating sashes and tilt for easy cleaning. This classic window suits colonial homes as well as ranch, or Craftsman homes.
  • You can also have specialty shaped windows that work well with modern and historic homes. If you want something with decorative flair, try glass options and grids. Diamonds look great with Tudor style homes.
  • After you choose the type of window you want, you will need to select a frame material.
  • Vinyl is the easiest to maintain and doesn't require any sanding or staining and will not warp, rot, or peel. Wood windows require a substantial amount of upkeep and maintenance. Aluminum is another option for frames and is excellent for windows. You can have slim frames and maximum amounts of glass.

You next need to choose a glass package for your window installation in Oakland.

  • Dual and triple pane glass
  • Argon gas
  • Krypton gas
  • Low-e-glazing (an invisible coating applied to the outside or inside of the window. Its purpose is to reduce heat transfer.)

How Do I Choose A Company For Window Installation in Oakland?

  • Get estimates from different reputable window companies.
  • Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers if they have any recommendations.
  • Make sure you research them on the internet. You can find reviews on several sites.
  • Do they have a professional crew?
  • Do they have all of the applicable licenses and insurances required by law?
  • Are they a member of the BBB? If so, what is their rating?

Replacing your windows is a significant investment, and you want to make sure you choose the right company to work with. Contact Winning Windows Inc. and see how we can help you.

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