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Tunneling Under House vs Cutting Slabs for Foundation Repair

Pros & cons of tunneling under your house vs cutting slabs is clear. Tunneling under your house is less intrusive and damaging to your foundation.

HI I’m Fred Marshall with Advanced foundation Repair here today to talk to you about foundation repairs with tunnels.
How would you like it if someone came into you home, ripped up your carpet, jack hammered a 3 foot by 3 foot hole in your slab, dug up 30 cubic feet of dirt then hauled it out of your house in a wheel barrel?
Now picture this being done in every room and some rooms multiple times.
That would be horrible.
If you need foundation repair and some of the pilings need to be inside of your home, they can be installed through tunnels.
That way you have no mess and you can stay in your home while the work is being done.
Doesn’t that sound much better?
Tunnels start at the side of your home and go down under the edge of the foundation.
When not in use, the entrances are covered with plywood.
Tunnels are dug by hand and are about 3 feet by 3 feet.
They can be up to 1000 feet long.
Once a lift has been completed, the tunnels may need to be drained.
For possible drains, use gravity.
If there’s not enough drop, sub-pumps are used.
For more information of tunnels or any foundation repair needs, call the experts at Advanced Foundation repair, 214-333-0003.