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Pull Out Testing Kent

Pull Out Testing Kent Pull Out Testing Kent provide different types testing including load testing of anchor bolts for the construction industry, safety eyebolt tests for scaffolding companies, window cleaning companies, wall tie tests and anywhere fall arrest safety or PPE is required. Push Pull Out Testing Kent use highly calibrated test equipment to record load tests and report on secure fixings for construction companies and builders.

All load testing, stress load testing, eye bolt tests in Kent, London, Surrey and Hampshire is backed up by a full assessment which is recorded and placed on easy to read data entry for your records.Pull out testing, anchor bolt tests, safety eye bolt testing is also available for the construction industry in London, Hampshire, Surrey, London, Middlesex.Bond testing is carried out to survey the bond between concrete and other materials.Stress load testing is carried out on all types of fixings such us anchor bolts, wall ties, safety eyebolts to identify any problems that may exisit and then corrected to meet health and safety requirements.