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Pool Calcium Removal

Article provided by: Pool Rehab

At Pool Rehab, we are experts in pool calcium removal. We work with an expert team with several years of experience in cleaning and removing calcium buildup in pools. Our team use state-of-the-art tools and refined techniques to completely remove calcium build-up in you swimming pool. You can count on our experts to help make your pool safe for swimming again.

What Causes Calcium Buildup in Swimming Pools?

Calcium build-up in swimming pools is usually caused by high calcium hardness level. This will normally leave a calcium residue over time. There are other factors that help to make the problem occur at a faster rate including heat, high pH, and high alkalinity. When heat wave hits a swimming pool, it will raise the temperature of the water and this will be followed by increased rate of evaporation.

Depending on the chemical makeup of the swimming pool, calcium buildup can occur at a faster rate. To be specific, once a swimming pool has high pH, high alkalinity, and warmer water, calcium buildup will occur faster.

What Does Calcium Hardness Do For A Pool?

Calcium hardness is one of the most important levels to maintain if you want to keep pool water balanced. It is a measure of how hard or soft a pool water is. Just like the pH and total alkalinity of your pool, calcium hardness must be maintained to prevent the pool water from becoming too corrosive or end up scaling the surface of your pool. The recommended calcium hardness range for your pool will depend on where you live and the hardness level of your local water source.

How Do You Remove Calcium And Lime Buildup In A Pool?

There are different methods employed by different people to remove calcium and lime buildup in a pool. The most popular methods are:

  • The use of muriatic acid which is effective but needs to be done with caution for safety reasons
  • The use of vinegar and a scrub brush which works best on calcium scale on tiles and is used when water level is lowered a bit
  • The use of pumice stone which is most ideal for calcium scale on plaster.

While you can use any of these methods to remove calcium and lime buildup in your pool, it is best to hire experts to handle that.

How Often Should You Remove Calcium Buildup In A Pool?

Calcium build up needs to be removed as soon as it becomes an issue in your swimming pool. Depending on the condition of your swimming pool and the efforts you make to keep calcium hardness balanced, it may take years before your swimming pool needs calcium removal. It is important, however, to address it as soon as it is noticed.

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Do you have calcium buildup in your pool? Contact us today at Pool Rehab for a free pool calcium removal quote. Our services are affordable, detailed, and prompt. We will create a routine maintenance solution for your pool. This include calcium removal and cleaning. With this, your pool will be in excellent condition all year round. We guarantee you outstanding services that give 100% client satisfaction.

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