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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Austin TX
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The Pier and Beam Specialist in Austin Foundation Repair. Pier and beam and concrete slab are two types of foundations commonly used in Texas.

Pier and beam foundations have a system of wood, concrete or steel piers dug into the earth that support a framework of wooden or steel beams that in turn support the structure of the house. Unlike slab foundations that completely fill up the space below the house, pier and beam houses have a space between the ground and the house called a ‘crawl space.’ Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Austin TX.

There are advantages to having a crawl space under a house in Austin, not the least of which is access to plumbing, electrical and AC pipes in the event of problems or a foundation repair in Austin Texas. As an added bonus, pier and beam repairs tend to be much less costly and disruptive than concrete slab repairs. Give us a call if you think you might need pier and beam foundation repair Austin TX. (512) 363-7769

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