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How To Waterproof A Basement DIY With Sani-Tred

SANI-TRED is the only product on the market that permanently waterproofs basements, and more. Sani-Tred Permaflex®, (liquid rubber primer and top coating), penetrates deeply into the pores of the substrate, (foundation building material), and produces tiny solid rubber sealing plugs due to Flexible Penetration Technology® . These tiny plugs or sealing tentacles penetrate deeply into each and every pore or small crack in the substrate and holds back and retains ground water pressure before it has a chance to reach the SANI-TRED coating surface to push it off, en masse, as with other types of coatings. These sealing tentacles work like tiny, high pressure, hydraulic o-rings and one of the main qualities that allows SANI-TRED to hold back great pressure without failure!

Elongation Memory Technology® ensures that when SANI-TRED products are compressed and relaxed, they maintain their original shape and size preventing distortion of their original shape and size which is a major cause of release of coatings from powerful forces such as freeze/thaw cycles, water or gas pressure, vibration and sudden shock.

Permanent Flexibility® provides that SANI-TRED products never harden or become brittle; they maintain flexibility and only become stronger with age without breaking down as other coatings do. SANI-TRED Permaflex deep penetrates and strengthens weak concrete or mortar joints which prevent detachment from these types of weak substrates as other coatings are known to do.

Our products have a sample pack with a double your money back guarantee. Our Product blocks 99% of Radon and has a lifetime guarantee. Call 1-866-784-3308 or visit to learn more about waterproofing your basement this weekend!