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House siding companies near me

Putting brand new siding on your home can go a long way for boosting the overall curb appeal. Not only that, but you also have the chance to raise the value of your home while increasing energy efficiency. However, most homeowners will naturally be concerned with the cost of siding and trying to select the best type for their needs. To learn more about the general costs involved, you can use a siding cost estimator to give you a better idea.

How Much Siding Do I Need?

If you are looking to try to get a rough estimate before talking with a contractor, you can enter the ground measurements, home type, the number of windows and doors, insulation type, siding material, and other details using a siding cost estimator. In order to get the best results, it is important that you take the time to measure the house adequately. Going from corner to corner, take a tape measure, and gather the width and length of the house. If you get a partial number, it is always better to round up to the next number. 

Understanding the Cost 

There are plenty of factors that go into the cost of your new siding, including the type of material you choose, the amount needed, and more. The average price across the United States for a new siding installation can cost anywhere between $8,000 to $18,000 or more for a ranch style home that is around 1600 square feet. 

When it comes to siding types, vinyl siding is often going to be the cheapest option. This is followed by fiber cement and aluminum siding, which falls somewhere in the middle-point of the pricing spectrum. Taking a look at the higher end of siding pricing, you will find natural wood, engineered wood, brick, stone siding, and stucco. 

Will you need the older siding removed from your home before the installation? If so, then you should be factoring in that amount when using a siding cost estimator. The removal of older siding can put an additional $1000 or more on the cost, depending on the type of material you are having removed and the amount. 

Select the Best Siding Based on Climate 

Along with the cost and the finished look, you also need to take into consideration your local weather conditions. This will play a significant role in choosing a siding type based on durability and the ability it has to hold up to the elements. At the higher end of the spectrum, brick and real stone have the toughness level to stand up to all climate types. However, there are siding materials that have weak spots that you must think about when making your selection.

When you work with us at KV Construction LLC, we will make sure that you have all of the information necessary to select the ultimate siding for installation on your home. Our team will come out to your property, listen to your wants and needs, use our siding cost estimator, and make sure that you have a free quote. You can reach us by calling (425) 879-4398 for more information.

House siding companies near me
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House siding companies near me
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