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Pier and beam foundations have a system of wood, concrete or steel piers dug into the earth that support a framework of wooden or steel beams that in turn support the structure of the house. Unlike slab foundations that completely fill up the space below the house, pier and beam houses have a space between the ground and the house called a ‘crawl space.’ House leveling Austin
Hi I’m Simon with Quality Foundation
there are two types of foundations
here in central Texas. slab on grade and
pier and beam and it is the pier and beam that
we specialize in. and we’re doing a level
adjustment on this house and i want to
show you a quick video on how we do that
we place jack’s next to every pier to
do a whole house adjustment as opposed
to going from one pier to the next
we have the jack set here you can
see close to these piers these existing
piers are in good shape
although the beam was rotting out to we
replaced that
so after we get the beam where it needs to
be we set out jack’s and we come up on
the whole house
all at the same time with many jack set around
and then when the level is uh… achieve
that we want to go for, inside the
house we have a measuring device then
we install the steel shims
which will never deteriorate or uh…
compress like cheaper wooden shims
and then when the house is where we need
it, we let down the jacks
and the steel shims support the beam
and that’s a house level adjustment
again I’m Simon with Quality Foundation
Repair we can be reached at
or you can call me directly if i want to
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There are advantages to having a crawl space under a house in Austin, not the least of which is access to plumbing, electrical and AC pipes in the event of problems or a foundation repair. As an added bonus, pier and beam repairs tend to be much less costly and disruptive than concrete slab repairs. Give us a call if you think your foundation might need work. (512) 363-7769