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Hi, I’m Simon with quality foundation
repair we are the pier and beam
specialists here in austin texas

i want to show you have steel t bracket

these are the piers is that we’re
installing now to replaced the old style a
cylindrical concrete is or certainly the
old ceder posts that some of the

old pier and beam houses are still
supported on here in austin

I wanted to talk a little bit about the pier
underneath the steel pipe we have
a large two foot by two foot by two foot deep

concrete footing with steel rebar in the base for

on top of the concrete is a steel weld
play then we come up with the steel pipe

onto this what’s called angle line

which goes four inches up the side of
the beam and four inches underneath

so it gives a lot of support in the beam
which helps to alleviate that springy

feeling that used experiencing
in pier and beam homes

this steal is attached to the

have wooden beam with lag bolts
two-and-a-half inches thick um… so

there’s no set no chance of any shifting

and it’s called the steal t bracket pier

If you have any questions that you can take
a look at our website its quality foundation repair austin dot com

or you can just call me directly a five one
two three six three seven seven six nine again I’m Simon
with quality foundation repair thanks very much

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