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Foundation Repair Methods – Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair

Watch demo on how Pro-Lift steel pile foundation repair method, reinforced with concrete is designed to resist uplift and support heavy loads. 800-405-8880

Hi I’m Fred Marshal with Advanced Foundation Repair and today I’m here today to talk to you about steel pilings.
A patented pro-lift foundation repair system includes numerous unique advantages.
Pro-lift steel pilings have one, two or three steel walls.
The number of walls depends on how heavy the building is and where the piling is located.
In special circumstances where there is an unusual potential for upward movement, each steel piling can be bound together with a tension steel cable.
The cable ties the bottom of the piling to the top and allows the lower portions of the piling to act as an anchor and to resist uplift.
For truly extraordinary situations steel pilings can be isolated from the active soils with flanged steel sections.
Each steel piling can be fitted with a variety of caps.
For standard loads a circular steel caps are used to support standard trapezoidal concrete blocks, while T caps are used to lift unusually heavy loads.
But circular caps and T-caps can both be fitted to accept most tension cables.
Finally each piling is filled with concrete grout.
The grout increases the load baring capacity to each piling and literally cements the sections together.
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