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Difference between Grate Drain basement waterproofing products & other basement systems mi

The reason why Grate Drain basement waterproofing pipes are so much better than other basement systems for waterproofing than other foundation systems of Michigan. The best Interior waterproofing systems require the basement floor to be somewhat removed around the interior perimeter walls thus making a trench for the basement waterproofing pipeline to be set into place. Ken from Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair of Michigan explains why Grate Drain Systems perform so much better than what all the other big name waterproofing companies use. Most basement systems or other types of foundation systems used in Michigan use a drainage system that sits on TOP of the home’s footing which often requires the footing of the home to be somewhat cut away or chipped in order to create a enough room for the pipe to have enough pitch for the water to be taken away to a sump pump or drain. This can alter the structural integrity of the home. Grate Drain requires much more work to install but is by far the best way to waterproof a basement without altering the footing and main support of the home because it sits NEXT TO the footing rather than on top of the footer. This requires more concrete to be removed as well as replaced, more man hours of labor, This allows a greater pitch to help the water drain faster and more efficiently as well as keeping the water table further from the basement floor. Grate Drain really is a great drain indeed. It is also the only sealed basement system on the market that helps eliminate the wet or damp musty smell found in basements after waterproofing systems have been installed. To purchase a Grate Drain Basement Waterproofing System, call (800) DRY-5240.