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Foundation Repair Oklahoma – Barry Switzer & Pat Jones “House Divided” TV commercial

Watch one of our favorite TV commercials showcasing two Oklahoma football legends Pat Jones and Barry Switzer, as they recommend Powerlift Foundation Repair as the premier foundation repair company in Oklahoma for your residential or commercial foundation repair needs.
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Interior fieldstone foundation repair

This video shows the fieldstone foundation cleaned and prepped prior to repointing

repairing my fieldstone foundation with lime mortar in toronto (part 1)

Full project playlist:

My downtown Toronto house was built in 1885. When I was re-routing my downspouts I noticed large gaps in my fieldstone foundation where the 128 year-old lime mortar had deteriorated into sand. To prevent rodent and water entry, and to stop stones from shifting, I decided to excavate and replace the failed mortar. This video gives an overview of the project.

I used the historically correct Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) 5 for the deep joint replacement, and NHL 3.5 for pointing. NHL is available from Kreitmaker ( in Toronto. Two local heritage masons kindly advised me on materials and procedures, as well as on local suppliers. One was from Hunt Heritage (, the other from Toronto Masonry Repairs (

The three most important things I learned were:

1) Flooded basement? Fix your roof before your foundation. In many cases (including mine) basement flooding is caused by problems with eavestrough drainage and leaking roofs. Before you pay someone thousands of dollars to put in weeping tiles and sump pumps, be 100% sure your roof is in good condition, your eavestroughs are clean, your downspouts are draining at least 1.5 meters from your foundation, and your soil slopes away from your house to allow water to run away from the foundation when it rains. Water in the basement can often be stopped entirely by correcting roof, eavestrough, and drainage problems. Often simply cleaning your eavestroughs can prevent basement flooding.

2) Never use Portland cement with old masonry. Portland cement-based mortars (sometimes called Ordinary Portland Cement, or "OPC") are very actively discouraged for use with old brick houses and old stone foundations. Modern OPC is much harder and less absorbant than lime mortar. The hard OPC mortar causes old soft bricks to "spall" (i.e., flake off) from water retention and an inability to sufficiently expand and contract during freeze/thaw cycles. OPC mortar might look good for a while, but completely destroy bricks in fewer than 10 years. Here's an article describing the differences between lime mortar and portland-based mortar:

3) Old foundations can be very shallow. Unfortunately, before I started digging, I did not know that old foundations in Toronto are often barely deeper than 1.5 meters. When I started excavating mine, I unintentionally dug approximately 20 cm below the foundation in a couple of places. As soon as I realized the error, I stopped, and had to replace the excavated areas with a small concrete footing to prevent settling. If you dig out your foundation for any reason, be very careful to start with a small test dig to determine the depth of the last stone. If your foundation is pre-1900, it may well have no footing at all.



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Professional Foundation Repair

Hiring professional foundation repair services is very important. It ensures that foundation problems in your property are fixed properly and on time. A foundation that is structurally sound without cracks is vital in maintaining stability of a home. Cracks that appear on the floors, walls and even ceilings can be an indication of a foundation problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know this and they leave the problem unfixed. Others simply patch cracks in their homes ignoring the real cause of the problem. However, these cracks reappear in the future and they might even be worse than they were before. As such, it is imperative that you seek professional inspection and assistance whenever you notice cracks on the floors, walls and ceiling of your property.
What are the causes of foundation problems?

When providing our foundation repair services, we deal with the root cause of the problem. This enables us to come up with a lasting solution to the foundation problems in the properties of our clients. There are many causes of foundation problems. A landscape on which a building is constructed might be shifting as a result of changes in whether condition. When there is land movement after a flood, the foundation might also be affected. This is common among homes that are constructed along mountainous areas. Other causes of foundation problems include poor construction and old age. Even a well-constructed foundation can develop problems over the years.

The best foundation repair services

We know the crucial role played by a foundation in ensuring that your home is in good condition and safe for your family to live in. As such, we always strive to deliver effective, efficient and professional repair services whenever our clients contact us. When your foundation has problems, this could be compromising safety of your home and family. When you contact us for repair services we respond swiftly to ensure that your foundation is inspected professionally to determine the real cause of leaks and cracks on your floors, walls and ceilings. Our goal is to provide a lasting solution to foundation problems on your property.

Although you may see leaks and cracks on your building, determining their cause is not easy. It requires professionalism. Our experts will consider loose and sticking window fittings, doors, uneven or sloped flooring, gaps between doors, windows and bricks, and popping drywall nails among others. We have been providing foundation repair services for many years. This has equipped us with essential skills and experience for delivering effective and efficient services.

If you have noticed any of the flaws mentioned above in your property, you need to seek professional assistance. Leaving your foundation problem unfixed will only make it worse. The problem will not only cost you more after escalating, but it will also be putting your property and family at a risk. Therefore, regardless of how minor a flaw may seem it is always a good idea to seek professional inspection and assistance. We are always standby to respond to the needs of our clients by providing professional, reliable and cost effective foundation repair services.

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Foundation Repair Denver (Footing Poured)

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How To Stabilize And Lift A Settled Or Sinking Foundation With Push Piles And Helical Piers

If a structure is built on poor or uncompacted soil, including collapsible soil, it is likely to settle or sink in the future. This video shows how to stabilize and lift a settled or sinking foundation utilizing Push Piers and Helical Piles. Once the piers are installed they are permanently left in place and the foundation is permanently stabilized. For more information on foundation stabilization, underpinning and foundation repair visit

Foundation Repair Jacking Up House Replacing Pier Video

Here is a video that shows how to jack up a house or addition to a house to replace a rotten steel pier.

In this video I replace the steel piers that were holding up an addition to the house because several were rotten.

To do this I put jacks on either side of a temporary beam under the structural beam attached to the pier. This allowed for a large enough span to dig out the old steel pier. I placed two cinder block pads on either side of the beam. This allowed for one pad for the jack and one pad for additional cinder blocks as a safety measure if the jack failed.

Slab Foundation Repair


Average job cost for foundation repairs

Steve Webster of MBR Guaranteed Foundation Repairs goes over the average job cost for foundation repair in the Dallas Fort Worth area of North Texas. See why MBR is different then other companies when it comes to coming up with an affordable repair plan that has the best customers interest in mind.