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Commercial Rainwater Collection System

Commercial Rainwater Collection System

Is rainwater harvesting the next frontier of collecting water? Analysts predict that harvesting will only get bigger and better as governments and private entrepreneurs gain traction on its value and significance in the industry. Adopting this method will cut off a considerable portion of the 90% of the water that runs off in public and save cities the millions of dollars they spend to circulate water to different treatment and pumping stations.

The process of collecting water is a lot tougher than it looks because there are so many complexities on different levels of the process. It is essential for us to accurately design a system that is rigorous in its effectiveness for commercial rainwater system construction activities.

Factors That Make Up An Effective Commercial Rainwater Collection System

The Quality Of Water

The main agenda behind rainwater collection solutions is to pass it through a series of treatments that ensure it comes out better and cleaner for reuse. Here is how to manage the process to ensure the result has achieved a quality we can use in drinking taps and commercial usages.

  • We make sure the drainage has a material that will not affect the quality of the water running on it.
  • Finding and removing common pollutants that affects the water quality
  • Finding the right level of treatment to achieve desirable water quality
  • Following proper plumbing and building codes to minimize the risks associated with running such systems in similar commercial projects
  • Assessing all risks associated with the harvesting system and design so we can mitigate them in time and keep the entire application running better for longer

Making A Comprehensive Budget Plan

A commercial and industrial rain harvesting budget planning is about estimating the size of the entire system and factoring in extra points like climate change and rainfall data to achieve the intended effect of the project. Our analysis system automatically logs and evaluates all these different metrics, so we can estimate a budget that will produce better feasible benefits.

Include Multiple Treatment Systems

Rainwater systems consist of many different treatments to remove all the different solids and invisible contaminants. Each level of treatment depends on the quality of the rainwater we collect, which means runoffs from green roofs or homes in windy and dustier areas will go through stringent purification steps.

Cleaning the water at the beginning of the process is not the end of purification because we still have to make sure the water in the tank is clean and free of all chemical and biological pollutants. This means we are intentional on the storage materials we select and have a more comprehensive plan to ensure the whole treatment takes care of microorganisms and color that could come up from storing the water for too long.

Following Proper Regulations And Codes

The commercial rainwater system is a lot bigger than what we would install in a home; hence there are a couple more regulations and rules to follow that will ensure safety. Our commercial rainwater collection system is following all these standards, which cover aspects such as the following:

Wahaso has a comprehensive approach for different commercial rainwater collection systems, and we will be glad to offer you personalized consultation when you contact us online.