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Cable Lock ST Plus – How it Works

The Cable Lock ST Plus is the leading foundation repair technology available. Only Olshan Foundation Repair can offer over 80 years of experience and the superior technology of the Cable Lock ST Plus System.

The Cable Lock ST Plus system, U.S. Patent #8,500,368, is offers significant improvements in ease of installation, cost efficiency and long term reliability.

External threats to your foundation like weather, water, soil erosion or construction defects have a direct impact on the resale value of your home, not to mention quality of life inside the house. This patented system offers unprecedented control over the installation process and it’s a lot more reliable than the pressed piling solutions that were popular 15 years ago.

The Cable Lock System combines combines the penetrating power of a steel piling with the longevity and load bearing advantages of concrete, all locked in place with an integrated cable. Together, the engineered components are delivering as much as six times the leveling and stabilizing capability of competing pressed piling systems that are based on older technology.

Advantages include the ability to wash steel segments to gain greater depth during the driving process. The larger concrete sections provide a greater bearing area for a stronger repair. Concrete wont corrode when exposed to oxygen and moisture.

The Cable Lock ST Plus System is backed by an available Lifetime Warranty.